1 SixT pod contains 1.0ml with 6% nicotine by weight. Each Pack contains 4 Pods. 

Caffe Latte - SixT Caffe Latte is a rich and delectable coffee with sweet a sweet creamy finish

Grape Ice - SixT Grape Ice is a sweet and refreshing, juicy grape with cooling menthol e-liquid pod

Watermelon Ice - SixT Watermelon Ice is a blast of succulent watermelon flavor with cooling menthol

Green Apple Mint - SixT Green Apple Mint combines crisp and tart green apple with cool and refreshing mint. 

Strawberry Kiwi Pom - SixT Strawberry Kiwi Pom takes a classic combination of sweet strawberries and juicy kiwi with a splash of tart pomegranate. 

Cantaloupe Ice - SixT Cantaloupe Ice is the perfect melon flavor with a light cooling menthol. 

Pineapple - SixT Pineapple is a fresh ripe pineapple, juicy fruit with tart rind has the perfect balance of flavor. 

Blu Raz - SixT Blu Raz combines sour raspberries and candied blueberry giving a sweet and tart flavor. 

Mango - SixT Mango is a tropical and juicy mango, perfectly ripe. 

POG - SixT POG is the infamous trio of delicious passionfruit, juicy orange and sweet gauva. 

*SOLD as a 10Pack 

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